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There is more to the life of an owner driver than driving (unfortunately!) - there are administrative tasks that have to be performed.

As an owner driver I found that there was no cost effective software available. I developed the OpsBase software as a solution to this problem for my own business. After improving it and using it over several years, I arrived at a system which worked.

The new latest version OpsBase 903 is a major evolution in the basic system infrastructure.

New features make BAS returns easier, offer more features such as Fuel Records Handling / Rebates / Use Analysis and more. Then there is the integrated Consignment Note Generator. And more!!!

Doug Lachman
OpsBase Systems

Doug Lachman
OpsBase Systems
Pronto Couriers

Dear Doug

Our company Pronto Couriers has been using OpsBase Software for 8 months now and without hesitation this has to be the easiest and best software to the transport industry.

It is user friendly, very simple to use and self explanatory to our customers.

We have had 100% of our customers tell us that off all the Transport companies (of which some are worth $billions) our invoices are so simple and detailed that they don't even query them as they easily understood, from waiting time to surcharges. Just the software alone has shown to our customers we are not only a small business but a very professional one. We started with one ute and now have four vehicles on the road.

We would not have been able to grow without the help of your software.

We thank you sincerely and should any of your prospective buyers of this would like to call us please give them our number.

PS: Don't sell the software to the bigger companies as their shares may double from increased productivity from such a great program like yours.

Dimitrios and Lee-Anne Sorano
Pronto Couriers

Gr8 Logistics Pty Ltd

Dear Doug.

I am just writing to give you some feed back on your transport software OpsBase. It is great! When we purchased the software we only had a couple of vehicles on the road at the time, as we were growing from owner operator to a very small independent courier/taxi truck company. Our little fleet has grown to include now 4 trucks from 2-12T as well as 4 hatches/1T vehicles. It has saved us so much time on entering customer and job details we couldnít believe it.

Originally the task of keying jobs details was becoming a time consuming job but OpsBase changed all that. Itís great that once you key in the details of a customer or a pick up/delivery you never have to re enter the same details again. We particularly like the click and go methodology of OpsBase as well as the various reports that we able to run off as required. OpsBase software has also enabled us to give our customers much better personalised service, more information and not just on our invoices (jobs being itemised and priced individually) but even being able to give clients prices and details of all completed jobs within 24 hrs.

We would recommend to any owner driver, or small fleet owner in the transport industry to try this software out. Not only is it a great product, but is also very good value for money. Before buying OpsBase we did shop around for industry specific software but what we found was very expensive and in a lot cases had be customised for each individual business at a sizable cost. Although the OpsBase 412 was a bit limited in the accounting dept, it is still a fantastic off the shelf software for the small operator. It allows them to present their business every bit as professionally as the big boys do but with only a small outlay. The odd time that Iíve ever needed any support or advise on how to do anything your support dept has been outstanding.

Yours truly,
Noel Griffiths
Director Gr8 Logistics Pty Ltd

OpsBase Systems PTY LTD