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Product Overview

Thank you for considering the OpsBase software package as a means of improving your business operations. It is hoped that you will agree that it will be an excellent investment. Its purpose is that of a productivity tool that when used will make life easier and more rewarding.

OpsBase> is specifically tailored for owner drivers. It is doubtful that there are similar products serving this market. The reason for this varies. However as a rule it comes down to the varied nature of what owner drivers do, and the vehicles they use to do it.

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Perspective: Changes relevant to the user activity

A highly productive, user friendly system from multiple viewpoints, such as:
     • The Drivers role / Actually performs core income producing activity that finances all other tasks!
     • The Book Keepers activity
     • Handling Customer Service enquiries
     • Keeping up with Accounts (Payable / Receivable)
     • Managing your B.A.S. quarterly requirements
     • Analysing business activity
     • Sales and Marketing information requirements
     • Any Delegation to Employee or sub contract drivers

The need for such a system from a business point of view is obvious, for any business. As an owner driver you have to be a bit of everything. The problem is you have not been trained to be an expert at everything. As a driver you perform income producing activity, the question is how you follow through to handle the various requirements.


This is what OpsBase has been developed to do.
     • Leave the drivers activity to the driver, with quality information as needed to make life easier.
     • Reduce the Time / Effort and Cost of completing all other areas of the business operation.
     • Maximise the reward for effort to the owner driver.

Product Marketing

As this product has been developed by an owner driver for owner drivers it is heavily focused on value for money. There is not much of that around these days. Everyone seems to be trying to fleece the owner driver even though the owner driver has restricted finances.

As such OpsBase is focusing on relevant value for money offerings. This will also allow a focus on word of mouth marketing. Rather than outlaying a lot of money for wasted impersonal marketing, it was deemed more practical to offer referral spotter fee`s or commissions to those that like the product and tell others about it.

If its not good enough, there will be no sales. However this approach allows the price to remain low.

Another benefit is the try before you buy principle, for those who don’t trust claims from unknown people or money back guarantee`s. Just download a free demo or request a demo disk via phone/ email/ fax.

The concept here is credibility marketing.

Owner Drivers work hard for their money and do not want to risk or waste it. As the developer is also the designer, sales rep and manager of OpsBase as well as an Owner Driver you can be sure that your perspective is understood.

Some Questions For Potential Customers!
     • How much time do you spend on administration related activity?
     • How much time do you spend on your business, all up?
     • How much time do you spend in your business?
     • Do you realise the value of systems and procedures for any business?
     • Are you serious about improving your business? (Whatever it is!)
     • Would more time away ( social, family, recreation) from business related activity be desirable?

Owner Drivers can be direct or sub contractors and operate a variety of services using a variety of vehicles. They service single or multiple customers on single or consolidated loads. They charge in a variety of ways to suit their own business.
All of this is taken into account in OpsBase.

3 September, 2007

OpsBase Systems PTY LTD