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There are many benefits of the OpsBase software and how it can improve the operating efficiency and flexibility of users within the wider transport industry. Please review some of these benefits as outlined below.


Download User Notes:

Demo is limited in use pre registration to 100 Orders, 100 Account Transactions all under the Demo company name.

Real World Scenario

• In transport documentation is important.(This is how information is retained for P.O.D. , Billing, Payment and Accounting purposes!)
• Times are changing with technology improving both workplace productivity and customer service levels.
• Technology costs money, and to be viable there must be a value benefit.
• OpsBase is designed with real world viability in mind.
• OpsBase serves real productivity needs, with the value ongoing through use.
• There is a shortage of good drivers and operators in the market. This has developed through market pressures logical and otherwise. Technology is the only way that small operators can deal with increasing government regulation, and growing customer expectations in a competitive trading environment. This means more opportunities for those looking for them!

1. Market Pressure: Financial
Fixed and variable operating costs must be understood and funded regardless of slow paying customers.
By improving the quality of cashflow and reducing unproductive debt the business will be on a more sustainable platform.
OpsBase will improve your work processes and lower your operating costs showing noticeable gains, provided the system is put to good use. Don't join the price takers or the price under-cutters. Even if you're a sub contractor you can be efficient with good accounts.

2. Market Pressure: Structural
There are restrictions placed on working hours, loads, speeds and routes used increasingly.
There are also limitations an owner driver or small fleet owner needs to consider, such as fatigue management.
Opsbase gives you work process flexibility and in turn offers improved service capacity, through industry collaboration. If you work as a subbie get some of your own customers for your business. There are options. Find a need and fill it. If you cannot do the required work, find someone who can. Get other drivers working for you to whatever level. If you look after the customers, work suppliers and your reputation the opportunity to build financial freedom and independence awaits. There are too many Owner Drivers who grip the wheel but donít put the mind in gear.

3. Market Pressure: Frustration
OpsBase can reduce frustration for industry participants by enabling operators to improve operating efficiency and flexibility.

• Drivers are in the process of being empowered by technology. The job will however never replace the need for good operators, with good suitable vehicles who operate efficiently.

At the fundamental level progress comes down to research. This is called working ON your business. It means asking questions, identifying problems and opportunities then finding the best way to deal with them. In business this is called a management task and includes allocation and best use of resources. In business it is a delegated function. This is not the case for an owner driver / operator.
No one ever said it was going to be easy being self employed or running a small business. However there are no limits to your growth if thatís what you seek. The purpose of the OPSbase software is to improve your productivity!


Some Basic Facts of Life

There is no fundamental difference between owner drivers and large corporate level fleet operators, other than levels of delegation and available resources. This relates to the actual work volume, and information processes in use.

The variables are scale of operations
• level of delegation ( use of employees, outsourcing to contractors and various trading relationships such as consolidated tranship / linehaul, on forwarding)
• other peoples money (shareholders funds, debt incurred, cashflow)
• resources used (premises, technology, company vehicles)

Transport is an industry where all operators can grow by serving more customers as efficiently as they can.

There are limited ways of growing a business.

• Service more customers
  1. Keep the Customers you have
  2. Develop New Customers

• Offer more services to customers
  1. Use vehicles for varying work types
  2. Use multiple drivers per vehicle (168hrs in a week)
  3. Raise standards, qualifications to open new opportunities
  4. Form trading relationships. Resell capacity, changeover, offload or even on forward for instance!

• Increase return on services offered, by value adding
  1. Add a time, speed or convenience pricing variable
  2. Offer time payment terms variables to reward good on time payers
  3. Offer improved standards of documentation, communication
  4. Find out what problems exist and solve them. For your customers and desired customers.

OPSbase increasingly allows operators the ability to be flexible, delegate and collaborate. OPSbase makes the volume of details easier to process. That is what OPSbase is designed to do, enhance and simplify business processes!

The focus for OPSbase Systems Pty Ltd is the small scale operator. Many large operators started as owner drivers. Such as TNT started by Ken Thomas, Linfox started by Lindsay Fox. The rewards are there for those motivated to grow their business.

OPSbase can also make life easier for those who just want to keep on doing what they are doing now.

The difference is in the volume of work put through the system, and the users level of ambition.

OpsBase Systems PTY LTD