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About Us

Most Owner Drivers are not really into technology, bookwork or office work. Core reason for OpsBase.

Believe it or not Doug Lachman the founder of OpsBase Systems Pty Ltd (and still an Owner Driver) really hated doing the books using carbon invoice books. He was not interested in learning accounting software or computing skills either. Life is not perfect. Manual invoicing takes time, creates more work at tax time and looking up transaction details. There came a time when a transport book keeping software application was desired. Problem! The available options were too expensive and too technical.

Not being interested in software programming at all, it was decided to design what was desired using a hired software programmer. The basic original version was a great experience although costly. Through ongoing use and improvement the software became a great business tool. It did take a fair while and cost, however. The customers liked the quality invoices and those doing the data entry were increasingly impressed. It had no name originally as it was created for personal business use. Eventually after much refinement an industry need was discovered. It was discovered all varieties of owner drivers had similar fundamental problems. Thus OpsBase was created. A learning curve in business continued and still continues!

OpsBase is not and will not become an accounting package. Its purpose is to do what is required in transport fundamentally, leaving the technical accounting to full accounting packages and accountants. Apart from Doug Lachman the other shareholder in OpsBase Systems Pty Ltd is Gordon Fraser. He is currently a practising CPA in Northern Sydney, NSW. He has extensive professional knowledge and experience globally to draw on. To OpsBase users benefit.


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